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Brief Introduction to East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute,

Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, founded in October 1958, is one of the national comprehensive fishery research organizations faced to three sea areas such as East China Sea, Yellow Sea and South China Sea under jurisdiction of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, the Ministry of Agriculture of China . It was named as Shanghai Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences at beginning of its foundation. In 1963 it was subject to the Ministry of Fisheries and renamed as East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute. It was under leadership of Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science in October 1982 through several changes for subjected relation and thereby renamed as East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences.

There are about 150 scientific research members in our institute, in which there are 20 researchers, 43 associated researchers and one mentor for student for doctor degree, 17 mentors for student for master degree,3 premier scientists appointed by Chinese Academy of Fishery Science, 6 persons nominated as ¡°young expert with extraordinary achievements¡± by the Ministry of Agriculture of China. 32 experts who enjoyed special allowance of government and one person nominated as a candidate of ¡°National Thousands of Experts Project in the New Century¡±.

Over the past 50 years, it has undertaken a lot of innovative research projects in following fields: fishery resources, fishery environment conservation, marine fishing, preservation and processing of aquatic products, aquiculture, aquaculture engineering, aquaculture and enhancement, aquatic biotechnologies, and remote sensing application in fishery, etc. We have obtained more than 200 research achievements, 18 of them have been awarded prizes of the national scientific and technological progress and 118 have been awarded prizes of scientific and technological progress at levels of the ministry and province.

As a state non-profit scientific research organization ranked in 2003, the institute was dedicated itself to following research fields: management and evaluation of fishery resources, exploitation of pelagic and polar fishery resources, monitoring and protection of the environment in fishery waters, fishery information technology, aquaculture capacity and health culture, aquatic biotechnology , aquatic food safety and quality inspection and control, fishery resources and organism products, responsible fishing technology and fishery engineering, cultivation biology in special habitat and fishery standardization ,etc.