Engineering Research Center for Saline-alkali Water Fisheries, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences


With more than ten years of unremitting effort in research, the research members in our institute have successfully solved the key technical problems in the improvement and adjustment of the quality of saline-alkali water and in the lack of species required for aquaculture on a large scale. Besides, we have also set up a technical extension zone in Cangzhou region of Hebei province to provide our service for saline-alkali waters of about 2,654 ha and thus created a new field for the development of fishery.

Backed by results of scientific research and guided by the principle of promoting agriculture with science and technology, the center's work is around the development and cultivation of fine species cultured in saline-alkali water, the development of quick means for the examination on the quality of saline-alkali water samples and the improvement and adjustment of the available water quality. The related services include technical training, directions, demonstrations and advice, and thus a system of service network has been formed in the fields of saline-alkali water fisheries. All these serves for the purpose of general development and utilization of saline-alkali water nationwide so as to promote the agricultural development of the saline-alkali water and quicken the step of prosperity of the farmers in the areas.